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Alicia Horne

Business Owner, Loan Consultant, Master Mortgage Broker

Alicia Horne is the Owner Broker of True Mortgage.

A successful Mortgage Broker Since 2000.  True Mortgage is a unique brokerage that sources out to a multitude of banks. This wide variety of options allows True Mortgage to search and to find the very best interest rate and terms available for that unique borrower.

True (troo) adj. Tru-er, tru-est. 1. Consistent with fact or reality; not false or erroneous.  2. Exactly conforming to a rule, standard, or pattern.  3. Reliable; accurate: a true prophecy. 4. Real; genuine.

Alicia Horne is the owner of True Mortgage, an Arizona based company that provides a full line of financial services for the purchase or refinance of residential properties. Alicia founded True Mortgage in 2005 and has since directed all of its day to day operations. An expert on conventional and alternative loan origination, processing, and closing as well as real estate, credit analysis, and marketing, she also serves in a hands-on capacity, dealing with clients, attorneys, and lending institutions to ensure loans meet all state and federal guidelines. Alicia is a member of the ABA, BBB, and NAMB and holds a bachelor's degree in business and finance from Arizona State University. Prior to opening True Mortgage, she owned Innovative Mortgage Solutions and processed loans for Pacific Coast Mortgage. Outside of the office, Alicia maintains an active profile within the community through support of Big Brothers Big Sisters and other charities that benefit programs for the local youth. She recently had her second child and enjoys all of her free time in the company of family and friends.

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All About Me

Since 2000, I’ve been helping Arizona understand and navigate the complex process of buying or refinancing a property. My services help clients secure the necessary financing for one of life’s most significant purchases.

I’m committed to easing your concerns and addressing all of your mortgage needs. I provide personalized guidance and direction regarding a variety of financing options, empowering you with the knowledge and resources you need. Get in touch today to start making smarter choices regarding mortgages.

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